Setting the standard for customer service, safety and dependability, Cropline has been the trusted partner of the state’s farming community for over eighty years.

Modern Fleet

Cropline’s extensive fleet of modern company-owned prime movers and trailers, together with a team of experienced and fully accredited drivers means that Cropline is able to meet the needs of the agricultural community promptly and effectively.

Hygiene Code of Practice

As a long-term partner of the farming community, Cropline knows and understands the importance of treating all product with care and respect. Our Hygiene Code of Practice is a key deliverable, and safety standards are rigorously enforced and maintained.

Why Choose Cropline Haulage

Responsive & Flexible

Cropline understands the challenges faced by the industry, and the need for professional haulage services that are both flexible and responsive.


Farmers appreciate working with a specialist haulage contractor like Cropline – a partner that is in tune with local markets and conditions, minimising risk and helping growers get the best value for their products.

Promise to customers

Whether carting wheat, barley or canola to the railhead or bringing fertiliser to the farm, Cropline’s promise to its customers remains the same – a professional service committed to responsiveness, reliability and competitive pricing throughout.

Our uncompromising focus on safety

Safety is the overriding consideration during all Cropline operations, and drivers are, of course, fully accredited with MRWA for compliance with all Fatigue, Maintenance and Load Standards protocols.

Work with us

Be a part of WA's Grain Industry

Cropline provides valuable career opportunities to qualified drivers and sub-contractors.

What our clients say

Cropline Haulage have exclusively carted our grain and fertiliser for over 20 years. They’re right on for price and timing, never letting us down when the heat is on!!! Being family owned and operated as we are, they understand our requirements. Cropline’s growth has helped our business’s growth.

Tim and Felicity Clegg, BD &  D Clegg, Dyliabing Farms, South Datatine WA

We have been clients of Cropline Haulage & the Sutherland Family for over 50 years and are very happy with the service we have received. Cropline Haulage set a high standard in the transport industry, professional standards, friendly staff and great customer relations plus a willingness to “work with” clients make them a pleasure to deal with.

John Pepall & Gray Robertson, PR Farming Trust, Katanning

Cropline Haulage have provided us with exceptional service for many years. From the initial contact with Customer Service through to collection and delivery, we trust that our freight is always well looked after and delivered in a timely manner.

Hayden and Aliesha Bock, HT & AM Bock, Kulikup